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Rev. James Lawson Helps Us “Bridge the Divide”

Reverend James Lawson

Reverend James Lawson is one of the civil rights movement’s most important figures. His work was (and still is) so influential, Martin Luther King called Lawson the leading theorist of non-violence in the U.S. You can read more about the life of Rev. Lawson here.

I attended a talk by Reverend Lawson at Chapman University this week as a part of their “Bridging The Divide” speakers series. I was struck by both the passion and compassion of this man who has seen and experienced so much of this country as people have struggled for greater equality and rights for all people.

The main focus of his talk was about how we can bridge the divide between the world as it currently is and the vision of a world where all complexions, creeds, and cultures are celebrated. He was unshakable in his belief that all of us have the potential to discover the preciousness of the gift of life and the deep inner wellspring of our compassion.

Reverend Lawson mentioned three key ways for us to bridge the gap:

1. We must begin with ourselves. We must take responsibility for our personal, inner work and dismantle in our minds any idea that any other being is inferior. We can work to unlock a vision for a world of love and compassion.

2. We need to hold this vision of what our world can be in our minds – a society where no segment of the population is marginalized and all are loved and respected.

3. We can engage in non-violent action and behavior that can explode into movements of social change that result in justice and equality. Reverend Lawson spoke at length about the ability to create change that does not escalate wrong. Many non-violent social movements have illustrated this.

It was an inspiring evening listening to words from an inspiring and history changing man.

Good Happens.

Peace Grl Out.


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