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Charity Bake Sale, Reinvented

Panera, the corporate, nationwide bakery, recently launched a non-profit eatery based on the premise that ‘breaking bread’ is more important than breaking even.

Photo Courtesy of AP, by Jeff Roberson

Part social experiment, part charity, the “Panera Cares” bakery utilizes the model of the community kitchen at the most epic scale ever attempted.  After operating the “pay-what-you-wish” bakery for one month, the venture appears to prove that this model seems to work, that “people are basically good.

Most impressive about Panera’s experimental business model are the statements made by their chairman Ronald Shaich.  He hopes this action will push fellow corporations to approach philanthropy in a more creative, palpable way than by just writing checks and passing the buck.  Staich hopes “Panera Cares” will urge other corporations to put their own services to work directly making positive change in the world.  Read the full story.  This is definitely thinking outside the breadbox.

Good Happens.

Peace Grl Out.

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