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190 lbs of Generosity

The results are in!  Our Grand Opening Weekend service project – a community food drive – collected 190lbs of food for Orange County’s hungry.  We teamed up with volunteers from Team Kids and the Second Harvest Food Bank to encourage visitors to our University Town Center to donate.

Did you know…..

1 in 6 Orange County residents are at risk of hunger. Our unemployment rate still lingering above 12% and that does not include the underemployed, those individuals whose unemployment benefits have run out, or those that have been discouraged from job seeking. Due to the high cost of living in Orange County, an income slightly above the federal poverty level would still be insufficient in helping maintain economic stability and food security, which is especially important in old age when medical costs can be overwhelming. More than a third of those at-risk of hunger in Orange County are children. Children account for 35% of the 615,000 individuals in Orange County that have to worry about going to bed hungry.

Find more info about Hunger in the OC here.

Thank you to everyone who donated, volunteered and spread the word.  It is exciting to be a part of, and a part of giving back to, this wonderful community.

Good Happens.

Peace Grl Out.


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