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Bookmaking presented by OCMA

Tunnel books truly avoid being judged by the nature of their cover!  Inspired by theatre stage sets, the pages of tunnel books are generally images layered together to create a 3-D scene by way of an accordian-like binding.  Dating from the mid-18th century, tunnel books are regaining popularity for their unusual and creative means to express your thoughts, memories, and aspirations.  Children and adults find it easy to touch in to their own creative spirit when making these unique picture books.

Palm leaf journals, an even older book form (15th century BCE), offer us a chance to unplug from modern technology and connect with ourselves via pen and paper.  Built to contain writing, drawings, and mementos, these journals can be a means of incorporating ‘living peace’ into  your daily routine.

Join us for our second bookmaking workshop by the Orange County Museum of Art, this Sunday, July 25th at 1pm. Sign up!

Instructor Veronica Soto, M.F.A. uses recycled materials to create these book projects.

Boys and girls, children and adults, all enjoy Veronica’s workshop.

Photos above are from bookmaking on July 11th, 2010.

Good Happens.

Peace Grl Out.


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