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TKYC’s Around the Clock Community Service

The Team Kids Youth Council is a group of remarkable young people committed to making a positive mark on their world.

Their commitment is evident by the fact that on an early summer morning, these teens were not found sleeping-in late, but busy making hundreds of sandwiches to be delivered to a local homeless shelter.  This in fact, was just the first of several service activities they completed this day, as part of a 12 hour ‘servathon.’  In just that single day, the TKYC also volunteered their energy at Ronald McDonald House, cleaned-up a beach, wrote letters to soldiers and sick children in need of hope, and engaged in many other activities to make good happen.  Learn more about TKYC and the extraordinary teens that make up this group here, or contact Jenny Heenan at

The Center for Living Peace recently had the honor of hosting the Team Kids Youth Council for part of their self-planned 12 hour ‘servathon.’  At CLP they made hundreds of sandwiches and delivered them to a local homeless shelter, and moving on to several other service activities that day.

Thank you Team Kids Youth Council for all that you do for our local community and world.  You inspire us!

Good Happens.

Peace Grl Out.


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