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Good Happens

Good Food Happens.

In his workshop, “Artful Eating,” Orange County Museum of Art‘s very own Jeff Venier, M.F.A. leads the group in a drawing exercise based on the techniques of the old masters.  This art class, though technical, is also designed to be a means of practicing mindfulness.  Appreciating the beauty of our food leads to a richer, and more mindful eating experience, and can give us time to think about where our food comes from, what form it takes.  Before sitting down to draw, Jeff leads the group in touring the Irvine Farmer’s Market to gather the ingredients for their still life (and their lunch!).

Jeff’s workshops always feature exciting new recipes, sure to broaden your knowledge of delicious ingredients.  Past recipes have included:  Black and Brown sweet rice salad with Eggplant and Tomatoes with Pecorino, and Beet and Carrot Asian remoulade.

The hands on cooking portion (utilizing elements from the still life) of the class has been a favorite aspect of the class for adults and children alike.  Jeff transforms cooking from being a chore to something fun and joyful.

The shared meal is the finale of the class.  Not only does the food taste amazing, but eating feels different after so much time spent studying, appreciating, arranging, and working with the food.  “Artful Eating” seems to refer not only to the practice of combining drawing and cooking, but to a transformed way of nourishing our bodies and minds.

Wondering what to do now that your mouth is watering?  Start by making sure you don’t miss Cheff Jeff’s last Artful Eating workshop:

this Saturday

August 28th

(class starts promptly at 11:30, ends at 2:30)

Reserve your place now!

And, check out Jeff’s Food Blog to see photos and find recipes for more of his out-of-this-world (homemade) cuisine.

Good (and good food!) Happens.

Peace Grl Out.


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