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Master Lam at CLP!

Master Lam came to the Center for Living Peace in early October for a full day of natural energy training called Chi Kung. It was extraordinary!  Everyone who attended the class absolutely loved it!

The Chi Kung style, which literally translates to “internal energy training”, was originally a family secret.  Master Lam is a lineage holder of this artful expression and has been teaching this style for decades all across the world! This movement works very carefully to re-balance the energy in the body and relieve stress, which of course, lifts the spirits.  Anyone can practice this art form, no matter what you’re age!

Master Lam will be coming back to CLP to teach again in the near future– we are really looking forward to it!!!


To learn more about Master Lam, visit the main site for this tour and his personal site.


Good Happens.

Peace Grl out.



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