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The Living Peace Series with Sir Richard Branson Sneak Peek!

The Richard Branson Living Peace events were a huge success! We were floored with how everything turned out! Here is a little sneak peek into the events! More photos and videos to come sooooooon!

Sir Richard Branson speaking at UCI about the work of Virgin Unite, moderated by Jerry Murdock.

The primary focus of the lecture was to talk about how business can be a force for good.  “You can change things without taking risks but if you really want to make a difference you have to take bold risks,” explained the entrepreneur.

The Orange County Register put together this amazing recap of the LPS speaking event, you can see it here.

Here is a photo from Sir Richard on the pink carpet at the gala:

Sir Richard had hurt his leg in a skiing accident and had just an operation! He needed to use a cane to help him walk around, so he decided to embrace the cane and dress like a pirate! Everyone loved it! He is always full of surprises!


We are so thankful to everyone for all of their help and support! It is because of the work of our friends at UCI, Apples and Oranges, Good Gracious, AND YOU for supporting CLP that we are able to have these amazing events! We are so grateful for your support and friendship! Together we are making good happen!!!!


Good Happens.

Peace Grl Out.


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5 thoughts on “The Living Peace Series with Sir Richard Branson Sneak Peek!

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  2. Dianne Shumaker on said:

    It looks really good, Kelly! I like what you are doing!

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