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Peace in Motion Move Night: A Narrow Path

We are so excited for our third Peace in Motion Movie night! This month, we will be screening The Narrow Path.

The Narrow Path is a film that explores the nonviolence that Jesus exemplifies in the bible and encourages people to become instruments of peace, while exploring different teaching in the bible, such as the Sermon on the Mount. It also talks about nonviolence as a means of resistance to all forms of violence and the idea of surrendering oneself to “God’s vision of peace.”

You can watch the trailer for the movie here!

The film is narrated by John Dear, who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for 2008 by Archbishop Desmond TuTu. He is an outspoken activist for nonviolence who has been arrested many times protesting war and violence. According to Wikipedia he “received the Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award in September 2009 for his solidarity and leadership in nonviolent resistance, vegetarian life style and Gospel living.”

To find out more information or sign up for the class click here.

Good Happens.

Peace Grl Out.


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