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Urban Gardening with Eugene Cooke!

Eugene Cooke is an urban farmer whose edible gardens designs can be see in California, Georgia, Washington DC, Kenya, and more. Eugene offers information about both how to garden, and why it is important to garden. He believes that tending to the earth preserves a sense of wonder in our approach to our community and the world; and that through the act of gardening and planting, we can build stronger ties within our community. His approach has been shared with people of all ages, utilizing a hands-on learning environment to cultivate the “nurturing sensibility” that he feels is crucial to our individual development.

We are so excited to have Eugene Cooke coming to CLP to teach us about the importance of urban gardening! The first of this 4-part gardening series will be starting this Saturday, March 12 at 11am. This month’s class will focus on growing sustainable food. Future classes will focus on building communities with food, insights from Africa and gardening for your karma. The lovely and amazing Avanti Cafe will be providing treats for our first class with Eugene Cooke!

Here is a video from Eugene Cooke’s website. He created a beautiful urban garden at Crenshaw High School.

To find out more about Eugene Cooke and his amazing work, click here.

Good Happens.

Peace Grl Out.


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