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Introducing our custom Live Peace FEED bags!

We are so excited about one of our newest additions to the Live Peace Store, and you should be, too. Why? Because each FEED bag comes with a story that we love.

Here’s the deal: FEED Projects donates a set amount of meals to the United Nations World Food Programme for each bag sold. Since it started in 2007, FEED has sold over 570,592 bags (head to their website at to see the most up-to-date number; it went up by 31 just while this was being written!)—that’s enough for over 66 MILLION meals provided through the WFP.

A criticism of similar good-based donations we have frequently heard is, “Why buy the item? Couldn’t you just give the money straight to the charity instead? Instead of spending $40 on a bag, you could give that $40 to the organization!” This is true, but misses an important aspect of FEED and other organizations’ goal: to raise awareness at the same time as making an impact. By buying the FEED bag, you are raising awareness for WFP and the global need for food at the same time as donating much-needed funds to the organization. Maybe 10 others will see your bag, ask about it, and then make a donation or even buy their own bag! You can have an exponential impact by becoming a visible supporter of the organization and inspiring others to do the same. When you carry this bag, you help support FEED, WFP, and the Center for Living Peace all at once.

Whether as a gift to someone else or to yourself, we encourage you to check out our limited edition, custom FEED bags! Who knows— you just might inspire others to spread peace and make good happen.

Our Live Peace FEED bags are available only in the Live Peace Store located here in the Center. Each bag is made of sturdy canvas and has an inside pocket—perfect for groceries, class, or just carrying things around. For each Live Peace bag sold, FEED Projects donates 10 meals to the World Food Programme’s school meals program.

Want to know more about FEED or WFP?
FEED Projects:

To see more of the items in our LIVE PEACE store, click here.


Good Happens.
Peace Grl Out.


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