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Mpilonhle Mural Project

After Charlize Theron and Dr. Michael Bennish of Mpilonhle spoke at the Center for Living Peace Series in 2010, students at Orange County High School of the Arts (OCHSA) were inspired to support artistic education programs in South Africa.

As a result, Mpilonhle (a non-profit organization that focuses on social development and health promotion in South Africa) recently oversaw a project where a mural was painted on a football field at Silethukukhanya High School in Africa. The art has lifted the students’ spirits and has made the walls come alive – take a look below to see for yourself!

Thank you, OCHSA Social Action Squad for inspiring us and making GOOD HAPPEN in South Africa! To find out more about this project, and how these inspiring high schoolers are changing the world, click here.

Good Happens.

Peace Grl Out!


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2 thoughts on “Mpilonhle Mural Project

  1. cindy wells on said:

    thanks charlise for sharing this inspirational story and mural!

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