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Live Peace with We Are What We Do

We Are What We Do is a not-for-profit behaviour change company that creates ways for millions of people to do more small, good things. They have launched several projects and campaigns to inspire socially and environmentally conscious behavior including the iconic I’m Not a Plastic Bag tote, the Young Activist Program, and a series of books on how to change the world one step at a time such as, Change the World for a Fiver and Teach Your Granny to Text and Other Ways to Change the World .

Their project Internet Buttons helps to make the internet more accessible and easy to use. Here is how it works.

We Are What We Do has also created Action Tracker which serves as a tool for sharing your actions, organizing projects as a group, and provides resources to make your actions fun and successful.

Tori Flower, We are What We Do’s Director, believes in the incidental effect which “is about creating things that are useful, practical and fun in their own right, and it is these qualities that attracts people to the product or tool. They also happen to help people do good – but this is something that is not necessarily apparent in the top layer of messaging. The good behaviour is buried inside the product or tool. Which is why we call it incidental.”

Which of these resources can best help you change the world one step at a time?

Visit We are What We Do’s website to support their efforts or to find more tools for social change.

Good Happens.

Peace Grl Out!


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