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Sir Ken Robinson: Changing Education Paradigms

“Many highly talented, brilliant, creative people think they’re not — because the thing they were good at at school wasn’t valued, or was actually stigmatized.”

-Sir Ken Robinson

RSA Animate brought Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk to life with this video addressing creativity and the world educational model. As Sir Ken discusses in his lecture, we cannot afford to stifle children’s creativity and talent if we wish to build a more peaceful world. He has been involved in the discussion of creativity, business, and education on an international scale and has received several prizes for his dedication to the arts and education.  He has written two books, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything and Out of Our Minds, on the connection between creativity and learning.

To view Sir Ken Robinson’s original lecture or his follow up TED talk, visit his TED speaker profile. To learn more about his most up to date projects visit his website.

Good Happens.

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