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Aimee Mullins and Her 12 Pairs of Legs

“There’s an important difference and distinction between the objective medical fact of my being an amputee and the subjective societal opinion of whether or not I’m disabled. Truthfully, the only real and consistent disability I’ve had to confront is the world ever thinking that I could be described by those definitions.”

-Aimee Mullins

Speaking from her wide ranging life experiences as an athlete, model, actress, and activist, Aimee Mullins challenges society’s view on the ideas of beauty and disability. Aimee had both her legs amputated below the knee when she was a year old because she was born missing fibula bones. She broke several world records at the Atlanta Paralympic Games in 1996 as the first person to use woven carbon-fiber prostheses, which were inspired by cheetah legs. Aimee was also the first amputee to compete in the NCAA in US history during her time at Georgetown University.

She has worked with major fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen and starred in movies such as Matthew Barney’s Cremaster 3. Aimee continues to act as a champion for women and the disabled in sports serving on the board of several non-profits and sports foundations such as the Women’s Sports Foundation and the Spire Institute.

Visit her TED profile to watch her other videos and learn more about Aimee’s approach to living peace.

Good Happens.

Peace Grl Out!


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