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Live Peace with Anaheim White House Restaurant

Bruno Serato’s Anaheim White House Restaurant has been helping to feed “motel” kids by serving 300 dinners everyday since 2005. To date he has served 413,400 free dinners and founded the non-profit, Caterina’s Club, in honor of his mother to continue his important work. Bruno was named “Citizen of the Year” by the Cypress College Foundation presented by the City of Anaheim. He was inspired to make good happen when he visited a Boys and Girls Club with his mother and noticed a child eating a bag of potato chips for dinner. His mother suggested that he feed these children in need and he has expanded the project ever since. Serato says “I can’t stop helping these kids.”

The children are transported in vans from their motel home or local Boys and Girls clubs to the restaurant each night for a tasty meal. Bruno consistently holds fundraisers at his restaurant to benefit Caterina’s Club as well as the Boys and Girls club.

To learn more about Caterina’s Club or donate, visit their website. Volunteers to help serve meals are welcome every night at the restaurant. Email  or call the restaurant to volunteer!

Good Happens.

Peace Grl Out!


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