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Olympic Truce Wall Tradition

“Sport alone cannot enforce or maintain peace. But it has a vital role to play in building a better and more peaceful world.”
-Dr Jacques Rogge, IOC President, October 2007

International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge, and members of the IOC Executive Board and the IOC Athletes’ Commission, took part in a ceremony that featured the unveiling of the Olympic Truce Wall and the launch of the Olympic Games’ Giving is Winning campaign.

The tradition of the “Truce” or “Ekecheiria” established in ancient Greece in the 9th century BC, lives on today every Olympic Games. It began as a treaty between three kings that ensured that anyone could travel in total safety to take part in or be a spectator at the Olympic Games as well as return safety to their respective homes. The citizens of Elis spread the message throughout Greece as the games approached.

An Olympic Truce wall signifying global piece has been built at every Olympic Village since the Sydney games in 2000. Athletes and officials endorse this hope for peace by signing the wall. For the London 2012 games, the wall will be displayed at the British Olympic Museum in Olympic Park after the games.  The unveiling of the wall on July 23rd also served as tribute to the victims of the 1972 Munich Games terrorist attacks.

As is customary, the host country presented the Truce resolution to the United Nations to formally declare truce during the 2012 Olympic Games and for the first time, all 193 UN member states sponsored the resolution. The unveiling of the Truce Wall also kicked of the Giving is Winning solidarity campaign. The campaign seeks to help support sports activities in refugee camps. 75,000 items of casual and sports clothing were collected from the Olympic family for the Beijing Games Giving Is Winning Campaign. This summer’s campaign is expected to break all previous records by collecting more than 100,00 items of clothing for the beneficiary countries of Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and South Sudan.

You can pledge your support for Olympic truce at the Olympic Truce Centre website.

Good Happens.

Peace Grl Out!


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