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The American Red Cross, founded by Clara Barton, has offered emergency relief and health services in the U.S. since 1881. The Red Cross’s work ranges from international domestic disaster relief, community services for the needy, support for military members and their families, educational healthy and safety programs, and of course blood donation collection and distribution. Red Cross is the largest supplier of blood in the United States.

Red Cross has expressed that there is an emergency need for blood donations. Their supply of readily available blood is half of what is was this time last year!

Here are some of Red Cross’s facts on Blood donation:

  • Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. There are four types of transfusable products that can be derived from blood: red cells, platelets, plasma and cryoprecipitate. Typically, two or three of these are produced from a pint of donated whole blood – hence each donation can help save up to three lives.
  • Share of the U.S. population eligible to give blood: Less than 38 percent.
  • Type O-negative blood (red cells) can be transfused to patients of all blood types. It is always in great demand and often in short supply. Only 7 percent of people in the U.S. have O-negative blood type. O-negative blood type donors are universal donors as their blood can be given to people of all blood types.
  • The average adult has about 10 pints of blood in his body. Roughly 1 pint is given during a donation.

When you donate blood, you will notified of your blood type on your blood donor card! Make sure that you are able to donate blood by checking Red Cross’s eligibility requirements.

To donate blood, find a donation opportunity near you and make an appointment. If you’re in the Irvine area, you can donate at UCI’s Blood Donor Center. If you unable to donate, you can still volunteer to help out or help host a blood drive. Find a volunteer opportunity near you. You can also encourage your family and friends to donate using these ecards or make a financial donation to Red Cross.

To find out more about Red Cross and blood donation visit their website!

Live peace, give blood, and give life!

Good Happens.

Peace Grl Out!


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