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Meatless Monday: Sunrise Citrus and Tofu Breakfast Salad

Happy Monday!

Did you know that if the global population shifts to a low meat diet (70g of beef and 325g of chicken/eggs per week), around 15 million square kilometers of farmland would be freed? Help reduce your meat intake by choosing alternative meals like this breakfast salad at least once a week.

Sunrise Citrus and Tofu Breakfast Salad


2+ cubes Citrus Seared Tofu Cubes – recipe here
2 cups spring mix, organic
1 Tbsp dried cranberries, organic
1/2 white grapefruit, peeled/sliced/deseeded
1/3 cup mandarin orange slices
fine black pepper
dressing: macadamia nut oil/apple cider vinegar/agave/pepper
1 cup brown rice, short-grained
1/3 cup avocado cubes tossed in lime juice
1 Tbsp pistachios


The Greens: Either something chilled and crunchy like a flavorful slaw or something super light like a spring mix or spicy arugula. Romaine hearts are nice too. You could also do something heartier like kale or even broccoli – but start out light and build to suite your taste buds. And of course you can add other “veggies” like shredded carrots, radishes, beets, sprouts and more. “Greens” really means veggies. However, leafy greens are the base.

The Grains: Add a scoop of whole grains, like brown rice or quinoa. For ease, grab one of those microwavable brown rice packs and scoop about 3/4 cup of grains over top of the greens. The grains really give the salad more weight and the slight warmth of the grains is a nice accent to the cool veggies. You could try: wild rice, white or brown rice, millet, barley, quinoa..

The Fruit: Add an accent of fruit, Citrus is especially good. Freshly cut grapefruit segments, mandarin oranges, or tangerines are lovely. Also try berries, apples, grapes or tropical fruits like banana and papaya. Dried fruit is also a nice touch. Fruit gives the salad some zing, adds hydration and adds a subtle amount of that ‘sweet’ you may be used to.

Recipe originally posted on Healthy Happy Life 

Good Happens.

Peace Grl Out!


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