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Live Peace with Team Kids

The mission of Team Kids is to inspire and empower young people to become resilient and responsible citizens with a passion for community service. Young people crave the opportunity to participate and to feel they truly matter in their school and community. Ultimately, the Team Kids’ mission is to inspire today’s youth to become compassionate leaders and philanthropists of tomorrow. Team Kids helps kids, and adults, realize the power and capacity young people have to improve conditions and the lives of others in their community. Since 2001, over 21,000 Team Kids participants in Orange County public schools have contributed over $200,000 in value to local youth-serving charities. A pre-post evaluation conducted by WestEd, a leading educational research firm, has demonstrated this program’s effectiveness for promoting positive identity, community engagement, and prevention of high-risk behaviors, such as alcohol/drug use, early pregnancy, and violent behavior.

To learn more about Team Kids or to donate, visit their website . Volunteers are always welcome. Email or call 949•861•4887 to volunteer!

Good Happens.

Peace Grl Out!


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