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International Day of the Girl

Today is first official International Day of the Girl! Declared  by the United Nations, the Day of the Girl highlights the immense potential of young girls worldwide.

“The UN General Assembly, which comprises all 193 members of the UN, voted that 11 October should be recognized as International Day of the Girl Child. This is an opportunity to address the unique challenges that girls face, promote girls’ rights and to highlight the gender equalities that still persist between girls and boys.

The UN has also decided to mark this inaugural celebration of girls’ potential by bringing attention to the plight of child brides. By choosing child marriage as its theme, the International Day of the Girl will draw international attention to activists’ work and government commitments, while also calling on world leaders to support programmes and laws to end child marriage.” – Girls Not Brides

Girls are valuable, strong, creative, powerful, and have such great potential. They deserve the chance to realize that potential. Empower girls and let them thrive.

Get involved! Learn more & find resources at:

Girls Not Brides /// Half the Sky /// The Girl Effect /// The Elders

Good Happens.

Peace Grl Out!


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