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Live Peace with m.a.m.a. earth

m.a.m.a. earth is a grassroots organization founded by Kailani Bayot that focuses on building community with nature-based education for youths and adults as well as charity events to raise money for partner nonprofit organizations. In the past, m.a.m.a. earth has hosted classes – such as their “grow where you are!” lecture series, retreats, and concerts that promote music and different art forms in a uplifting environment to raise money for causes such as Nourish the Child, Shine on Sierra Leone, and many more. Kailani, a mother of two based in Los Angeles, is also the sister to musical artist Bruno Mars, who has performed at past m.a.m.a. earth events and has donated autographed guitars for auction.

Starting with a class called “The Art of Urban Gardening” tomorrow, October 21st, m.a.m.a. earth will be teaching a series of workshops about art, music, and nature for all ages at the Center for Living Peace! Check out the following schedule for to see all of the m.a.m.a. earth workshops coming up at the Center:

For more information on m.a.m.a. earth and to learn how to become more involved, visit their website!

Good Happens.

Peace Grl Out!


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