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Erwin Wang Makes Good Happen

As part of the Living Peace Series with Sir Richard Branson, we hosted our Living Peace Projects (formerly known as “Working Groups”) on January 22, 2011. With each Living Peace Series speaking event, we host a day of service for youth encouraging participants to not only get involved, but continue to do good in the world.

Now, over a year after the Living Peace Projects with Virgin Unite, we are so happy to highlight the work of Erwin Wang. As a local high school student, Erwin joined us back in January 2011 and began a project to raise funds for charity. As part of the project Erwin began at the Living Peace Projects, he raised $2,000! The funds supported the Human Options scholarship program here at the Center as well as the food pantry at Families Forward.

Erwin and CLP Founder Kelly

When asked about the impact the event had on him, Erwin said:

“Since I could remember, both my mother and father spoke of the importance of generosity, and the far-reaching happiness it brings to all people. It is an aspect that has influenced me throughout my childhood and teenage years. I’ve been privileged to have been raised in such a nurturing environment – it only seems fitting to give back to the community that has given me so much. What started out as a simple idea developed into a full-fledged fundraising event. It was a wild and exciting ride from start to finish, and ultimately saw it appropriate to provide the funds to Families Forward and the Human Options program. Many are unaware of the financial and domestic issues families in Irvine must tackle daily – which is precisely why these organizations are deserving of these funds. I’d like to acknowledge my team for pulling off such a feat, along with Kelly Smith and Rebecca Hendrickson of CLP for allocating the funds.”

-Erwin Wang

Erwin is certainly an amazing example of making good happen and how a project that may seem small can make a huge impact. We wish him all the best in his college career and endeavors!

Good Happens.

Peace Grl Out!


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One thought on “Erwin Wang Makes Good Happen

  1. wow i wish i had that dedication
    props to you

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