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Live Peace with UNHCR

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), also known as the UN Refugee Agency, works to support people who have been displaced from their homes and often their livelihood.

The high number of current Syrian refugees escaping violence has led to more international attention. Angelina Jolie, a UNHCR Special Envoy, recently visited the Jordan-Syria border to learn about the difficult situation exacerbated by the approach of winter.

You can support UNHCR through USA for UNHCR. One way to show your support is to purchase a Blue Key. USA for UNHCR has set a goal of selling 6,000 Blue Keys by December 31, 2012!

Learn more about USA for UNHCR and how it supports UNHCR’s mission at their website. You can also get ideas of how to make Good Happen on The Blue Key Blog!

Good Happens.

Peace Grl Out!


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