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Center for Living Peace Décor: Burmese Fire Bowl

Each month we love to highlight some of the beautiful details in the Center. Come and visit to see the fire bowl, or look at more décor posts for a virtual tour!

Fire Bowl

This bowl was used as a fire bowl in Burma (now officially known as Myanmar). It now is the home of our beautiful fish! The fish in our bowl are known as Lionhead goldfish. In Japan they are known as kings of the goldfish! The head may look like brains, but it is actually fatty tissue bred to look like the mane of a guardian lion-dog from ancient Buddhist temples in China.

At the Center for Living Peace, we know to be peaceful with all animal life, water life, and plant life. Learn how you can care for the environment and its creatures by taking one of our monthly classes with The Ecology Center, like Beekeeping or Garden Design!

Good Happens.

Pay it Forward!


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