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The Happiest Facts

Someone shared this with us recently, and we just had to in turn share it with you! The Finnish site Ink Tank recently posted “60 of the World’s Happiest Facts.” Below are some of our favorites!


Penguin artwork by Minor Art!

11. Penguins only have one mate their entire life and “propose” by giving their mate a pebble.

15. Otters hold hands when sleeping so they don’t drift away from each other.

18. Wayne Allwine (the voice of Mickey Mouse) and Russi Taylor (the voice of Minnie Mouse) were married in real life.

39. No matter how long you live there will always be an amazing new food for you try.

52. Happiness is a skill. You can learn it and it’s not hard.

These are a few of our favorites, but the full list is well worth checking out. Are there any you would add? Bet you can’t get through all 60 without getting a smile on your face!

Good Happens.

Pay it Forward!


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