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Partnerships Making Good Happen!

Here at Center for Living Peace, we try to keep up with the different ways that people and organizations make Good Happen on a regular basis. There are so many different opportunities!

We wanted to share two cool partnerships with you that are doing good: cosmetics company Bobbi Brown with Global Giving, and popular content-sharing site Reddit with

Pretty Powerful

Pretty Powerful

Image from the Pretty Powerful page on Global Giving

Pretty Powerful is the combined effort of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and the online giving platform Global Giving. Donors can give to a variety of projects which aim to empower  women around the world, ranging from supporting education for 250 girls in South Africa to helping women find employment here in the United States. Each project gives a detailed description and you can receive follow-up information as the project progresses. You can chip in any amount towards the project’s goal!

Explain Like I’m Five


Image from the ELIF fundraising page on

Explain Like I’m Five is a subreddit and series of videos each explaining something in simplistic terms. It is also the name of the team of redditors supporting classroom projects on Like in the case of Global Giving, each project provides detailed information and a description of the classroom needs. Donors can choose a specific classroom project and support the learning needs of kids, ranging from tech classroom tools to music programs. Depending on the amount donated, donors can also receive thank-you cards from the students (which can be incredibly adorable in personal experience; let’s just say my fridge has some AWESOME decorations).

Each of these is a great partnership doing good! We encourage you to check them out.

Good Happens.

Pay it Forward!


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