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This week we are living peace with the lions in Africa! Living Peace highlights organizations that are paying it forward and spreading the love for all! Today Kevin Richardson and the support of PAW are paying it forward with their work with animals.

Kevin Richardson has made quite an impact on zoologists and observers alike with his unconventional animal behaviorist techniques; his documentary Dangerous Companions fascinated the public. He interacts with full grown lions like they are playful pups! Check it out!

This self-taught behaviorist uses love and understanding to communicate and build relationships with animals like lions, hyenas and other African predators. The majority of Richardson’s lion career has taken place in The Lion Park in Broederstroom, South Africa. The park is approximately 1600 acres and homes three lion prides and one clan of hyenas. With the production of his newest documentary, White Lion: Home is a Journey Richardson has created a new facility of 2,000 acres for his big cat companions. The Kingdom of the White Lion is now a private refuge for thirty-nine lions all native of southern Africa.

For more information on Kevin Richardson and his work, check out his website.

Richardson knows first hand the effects of deforestation and poaching on African animals. He supports an organization called Protecting African Wildlife Conservation Trust or PAW. PAW is a non-profit organization in Northeast South Africa that helps fund research on conservation and ecosystems; its goal is to promote conservation and wildlife internationally. If you’d like to donate to the cause visit their site! They also have information on their current projects and studies. 

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