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Mindful Origami

It’s Thoughtful Thursday. A time to take a break, breathe and relax.

One way to do this is through activities that encourage mindful thoughts and behaviors. Origami is a great way to calm the mind and engage in a tranquil movement. Origami is the ancient and traditional Japanese art of paper folding popularized in the 17th century. The folding of paper into artistic designs is a form of active meditation; the concentration on the art and the letting go of bothersome thought allows for mindfulness.

Here is a design common in origami practice:

Crane The crane in Japanese culture is a national treasure and appears in literature, art and folk tales. It is also associated with good fortune and longevity because legend says that the crane lives up to a thousand years.

Mindfulness is a tool we can all use in every day life. Maybe this form of active meditation is the perfect mindfulness fit for you!

Good Happens.

Pay It Forward!


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