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Live Peace with iSanctuary

Today is Saturday and you know what that means: highlighting an organization that is making Good Happen in our world.  Today we are Living Peace with iSanctuary, an organization that has been working to end human trafficking since 2007. Human trafficking is defined as the trade in humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery or forced labor. 


Image from iSanctuary.

iSanctuary rescues women of all ages from the world of human trafficking. They then have the chance to be brought to Orange County, California or Mumbai, India to learn and practice creating jewelry. The survivors are welcome to make mistakes, they are welcome to grow, and they are welcome to learn as they please. It is all about assisting the women in entering the professional world and giving them the confidence and the dignity they need. iSanctuary also helps to educate people about what human trafficking is and ways to help end it.

The beautiful hand-made jewelry is sold by iSanctuary  in select stores and online. iSanctuary is also having an online Mother’s Day sale!

If you are interested in helping end human trafficking, you are welcome to make a donation to iSanctuary. There are also other ways to get involved!

Good Happens.

Pay it Forward!


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