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Center for Living Peace Décor: Women, War & Peace Painting

We love our beautiful space! Each month, we highlight a particular aspect of the Center for Living Peace’s interior design.

This month we are focusing on our large canvas painting that hangs in our large classroom. It has a great story– the canvas was actually taped onto the floor while Pamela Donohoo, then artist-in-residence at Center for Unconventional Security Affairs,  performed with paint on her hands and feet.

The performance was part of the Living Peace Projects in tandem with the Living Peace Series event Women, War, and Peace in October 2011. Watch the performance below!

After the performance, participants of the Living Peace Projects were invited to put their handprint around the edge of the canvas. Then the canvas was stretched to fit a 9′ square frame and hung prominently in our large programming space. It’s a great reminder of the wonderful event!

large canvas

large canvas closeup

Stop by to see it in its home, or look for more Center for Living Peace Décor blog posts for a virtual tour!

Good Happens.

Pay if Forward!


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