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Live Peace this June: Pawsitively Peaceful

This year, we have been working on Outreach Displays which aim to raise awareness for issues. In February we marked One Billion Rising and in April we celebrated One Day Without Shoes.

For June, we are highlighting animal causes! This is obviously a huge field with many amazing organizations working to better animal welfare. For our outreach displays, we are highlighting 4 organizations making Good Happen for animals and how you can get involved!

animal collagePhotos from SXC.

For some, getting involved may mean donating money or items to support the organizations. But you can also get involved through volunteer opportunities or simply being more aware of the issues.

Each Saturday in June, we will blog about a different organization that supports animal causes. Make sure to check back each Saturday this month!

Have an animal cause or organization that’s close to your heart? Share it with us on Twitter using #PawsitivelyPeaceful!

Good Happens.

Pay it Forward!


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