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World Refugee Day

Today is World Refugee Day, an observance which serves to raise awareness for the situation faced by millions of refugees worldwide.

We’ve talked about the work of UNHCR in a past blog post, but there are many organizations that work to support refugees and displaced persons around the world. Organizations like these work today and every day to make Good Happen for refugees.

On World Refugee Day, we’d like to spotlight The Tiyya Foundation, an organization based here in Orange County that provides “holistic programming & basic necessities for refugees and displaced American families” (source).

The Tiyya Foundation

What can you do on World Refugee Day, and beyond? For starters, you can help by posting to your social media accounts to help raise awareness. Or if you are able, you can donate to support the work of organizations helping refugees, like Tiyya, IRC, and USA for UNHCR.

This August, you can also support Tiyya as part of our Summer Service Days! Every Saturday in August, we will be collecting school supplies for the students that Tiyya serves. So if you have any spare supplies, bring them in and support Tiyya’s work with refugee and internally displaced children and their families!

How will you make Good Happen on World Refugee Day?

Good Happens.

Pay it Forward!


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