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Live Peace with Local Animal Shelters

This whole month we have been sharing organizations that are making Good Happen for animals and how you can get involved. This is the last installment of the weekly series!

This week, we are focusing on local animal shelters. Local shelters are often a great way for you to get involved and even find your new pet!

Many animal shelters have volunteer opportunities, though they may require training for your safety and the safety of the animals. Make sure to check the training requirements of any organization you would like to volunteer with! Many shelters also accept pet food, toys, and old sheets or towels to help care for the animals they house.

Adopt MeImage from PetSafe.

In our backyard, there are many local animal shelter and rescue organizations that are working to help animals, including the Irvine Animal Care Center. For more information about volunteering there, check out their volunteer opportunities!

Want to find an animal shelter near you? Try a quick online search!

Have an animal cause or organization that’s close to your heart? Share it with us on Twitter using #PawsitivelyPeaceful!

Good Happens.

Pay it Forward!


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