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Happy Saturday! As usual, we are sharing an organization making Good Happen!

Action Kivu is a nonprofit that partners with an organization created by Congolese people to help the victims of violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Democratic Republic of Congo has seen a history of conflict and a countless number of people affected by it. For women, Action Kivu provides classes like literacy, agricultural training, sewing, and basket making to help the women be independent, self-sustaining, and supportive to their families. The organization also partners with local elementary schools to sponsor the education of children who are affected by the conflict in the region– many of the sponsored kids are now at the top of their class!

You can read about the stories of the students who are a part of the programs. One woman, a graduate of the sewing workshop, hoped to start a small business utilizing her sewing skills.


Photo from Action Kivu.

If you would like to support Action Kivu’s mission, you can make a monetary donation.  Donations help the organization fund the many programs assisting women and children in the region. To learn more about the conflict in Congo, check out the Learn More About Congo page.

Good Happens.

Pay it Forward!


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