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Live Peace with ShirtStain

We’re excited to share ShirtStain with you, an Etsy shop started by high school student and past Living Peace Projects participant Annalise!

Annalise opened ShirtStain as a way of combining her passions for visual arts, screen printing, and making Good Happen in the world!

ShirtStain designs

On top of being awesome shirt designs, the proceeds of each shirt are donated to the Somaly Mam Foundation. After reading a book written by Somaly Mam, Annalise felt touched by the author’s experiences and incredibly positive outlook. Since shirts can be walking advertisements, Annalise decided to make shirts designed to raise awareness of the Somaly Mam Foundation. Every shirt has a great story behind it!

ShirtStain came about as a way for Annalise to practice her screen printing skills while have a positive impact in the world. Annalise describes it as being oddly satisfying to affect something so seemingly far out of reach.

In the future, Annalise hopes to grow her efforts and build a network of like-minded artists to support different causes. And at only 15, she has plenty of time to change the world!

As a bonus, enter the code GOODHAPPENS at checkout to get a special discount! But use it quickly— the code expires on October 3!

Good Happens.

Pay it Forward!


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