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Meatless Monday: National School Lunch Week

Last week was National School Lunch Week! It highlights the nutrition that kids are getting in their school lunches, as well as how we can make improvements.

As we celebrate our October Outreach in honor of International Day of the Girl, we wanted to share recipe ideas from Chelsey at C it Nutritionally. With lunches like these, girls and boys alike will have the fuel they need to succeed in their classes! Plus, the recipes are meatless, making it the perfect choice for Meatless Monday!

NSLWImage source.

Whether you’d like to try Chelsey’s recipe for “The Hummado,” or enjoy some “Burrito Heaven,” there’s a recipe for you! Sandwiches are great lunches for kids and adults since they’re quick to make and easy to eat.

Check out all of the recipe ideas at C it Nutritionally! Tell us which recipes you try and join the conversation using #OctoberOutreach!

Good Happens.

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One thought on “Meatless Monday: National School Lunch Week

  1. chelseyamer on said:

    Thanks for highlighting my blog! Many more great things to come in 2014!!

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