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3 Favorite Memories of 2013

Happy 2014! Now that it’s a new year, we love to take time to remember some of our favorite moments of 2013.

So many great memories happened at our regularly scheduled classes that meet on a weekly and monthly basis. But check out the list below of 3 of our favorite moments from 2013!

2013 Year in Review

  1. Center for Living Peace turned 3! We celebrated 3 wonderful years of being open. Were you able to join us in May?
  2. Celebrating International Day of Peace! In September we had our annual International Day of Peace celebration, complete with a ball pit!
  3. Living Peace Series with Eboo Patel! In November we were thrilled to welcome Eboo Patel as the latest installment of the Living Peace Series with UC Irvine.

Our thanks to everyone who helped us make 2013 a memorable year! We look forward to making even more Good Happen with you in 2014!

What were your favorite moments of 2013? Share them with us below!

Good Happens.

Pay it Forward!


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