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Making Global Development More Sustainable

Sustainability is one of our four pillars of programming and is very important to us! But within the context of global development, what does “sustainability” mean?

As we approach the end of the Millennium Development Goals, sustainability is a hot topic for both current and future goals. The Gates’ Foundation blog Impatient Optimists is starting a series of posts about what sustainability means.

In the first post, author Josh Lozman examines how sustainability is involved in food stability worldwide. It lists ways in which sustainability and nutrition collide, concluding:

“For these reasons, food and nutrition security should be a major component of the post-2015 framework, either as its own goal, or at least with key targets on sustainable agricultural productivity, efforts to fight malnutrition through reductions in stunting, and reduction in post-harvest loss and food waste.”

Read more at Impatient Optimists! How do you think sustainability impacts future global development?

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