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Smart Girls Spread the Love!

Each Saturday, we love to highlight a movement or organization that embodies Living Peace. There’s a whole lot of good happening out there!

This week, we’re focusing on Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls! Their motto: Change the world by being yourself. That’s something we can totally get behind!

Operation-Nice-Feb-draft-5-1-700x576Image from the Smart Girls blog.

And this month, Smart Girls is spreading the love with Operation Nice February! As described on their blog, Operation Nice February is a way to spread uplifting messages and use the internet as a force for good. You can send a Valentine to a senior in need, celebrate Galentine’s Day, or just think twice before posting something potentially hurtful. We can all contribute something nice for others!

Use the hashtags #OperationNiceFebruary and #SpreadtheLove to share how you’re getting involved!

Let’s help make sure Good Happens online as well as offline.

Good Happens.

Pay it Forward!


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