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Spring Clean the Green Way!

With the start of spring comes the tradition of washing, dusting, and overturning every inch of your living space to make room and start the new season fresh! While mainstream cleaning supplies are bountiful and cheap, they often contain dangerous – and sometimes toxic – chemicals. Why not use something that is safe, as well as non-expensive, and best of all – may already be in your everyday household use?

Below is a list of green DIY cleaning concoctions and links to their step-by-step instructions:

1. Window/Glass Cleaner: All you need is vinegar, rubbing alcohol, cornstarch and water! This recipe is from fabulesslyfrugal!


2. Floor Cleaner: This homemade floor cleaner can be the all-natural replacement for Pine-Sol! This recipe can be found at Nature’s Nurture.


3. Toilet Bowl Cleaner: A simple one, but did you know that you could clean your toilet with just vinegar? Here’s how from Martha Stewart!

A quick search online can bring you many more DIY green cleaning supplies recipes. We hope you are inspired to take eco-friendly methods and begin Spring with a new slate!

Good Happens.

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