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Live Peace with Pharrell Williams

Now you may know Pharrell Williams from many media outlets. He is best known as the musical artist that worked on this past year’s hit songs, “Get Lucky,” with legendary producers Daft Punk, and “Happy,” with which he set records with his 24 hour long music video and possibly the record for world’s most like-able song. He is also famous for his stylish and groundbreaking hat fashion. Now it seems that Williams is diving deeper into the ocean that is the fashion world, coming back to land only with the greatest and most sustainable of ideas.


News revealed that Williams (and Bionic Yarn, a company that makes fabrics out of recycled plastics, for which Williams is the creative director)  has teamed up with denim clothing company G-Star RAW for their “RAW for the Ocean” line, which features denim jeans made entirely from reclaimed and recycled plastics from the ocean. Check out the National Geographic article here.

As fashion from recycled materials is not a new endeavor, this news still encapsulates a great step forward for environmental conservation. I believe that the hope here is not to completely clean up the ocean of debris (though that would be amazing), but to push for more fashion of this sort. Could you imagine if high-end fashion designers started making clothes out of recycled and/or reclaimed materials?


Good Happens.

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