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A Vow To Skip Meat On Earth Day

It is Earth Day 2014!  That means for us at Center for Living Peace we are making sure to spread the word about how to celebrate!

While today is a globally recognized holiday, it is important to remember that we should cherish our planet as often as possible.  In our eyes, every day should be Earth Day!  All of our lifestyle choices affect the environment, so a simple change goes a long way. One idea we are highlighting today is the choice to skip meat and instead reach for vegetarian options.   Though this may seem like a daunting task, John D. Sutter in his article “Skip the Meat on Earth Day” explains how surprisingly easy it really is!  


By infusing logic with his own personal experience with vegetarianism, Sutter explains that skipping meat is a simple and logically sound way to celebrate this wonderful day!  Hope this article helps you as much as it did us! 

You can read the full article HERE

Good Happens. 

Pay it Forward!  


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