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After the birth Macklemore’s song “Thrift Shop” and its resulting mainstream media takeover, we all know how cost effective and stylish stopping at your nearest thrift store can be.  “Thrifting” is now an activity that people of all ages take part in for obvious reasons. However, fashion and dollar stretching alone shouldn’t be the only reasons why we choose a thrift store over any other shop.  It is important to know where your money is going as well. 

Today we are profiling a local thrift store called “The Giving Bag” located in Laguna Niguel.  As its name implies, the entire boutique is centered around the idea of “giving”!  The shop donates a percentage (10-30%) of the selling price of each item to one of its many non-profit partners in the OC.  Therefore, not only is thrift shopping going to improve your wardrobe, as Macklemore told us, but also support some of our favorite charities and non-profits in the area!


The Giving Bag’s Storefront (Image courtesy of Yelp) 

As said before, this adorable boutique already does its fair share of giving, so now what can we do to help out?  In order to allow The Giving Bag to thrive we must donate and supply them with product to sell.  The Giving Bag accepts all new and gently used items in these categories: Clothing (Men’s, Women’s, & Children’s of all sizes, accessories, handbags, jewelry, housewares, artwork, and toys.  It is now time to clean out our closets and recycle our unused items and Give.

Visit The Giving Bag’s website here

Good Happens. 

Pay it Forward!



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