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Get Wise Wednesday


This Wednesday we are changing things up a little bit!  From now on, each Wednesday is “Get Wise Wednesday” where we will spread peace and wisdom that we feel will benefit you!  But why did we pick Wednesday you ask?

Wednesday is a good choice partly because it starts with a “W” like “Wise,” but also because Wednesday is considered to be one of the most challenging days of the week.  In a standard Monday-Friday schedule, Wednesday sits right in the middle like an obstacle between us and the weekend.  Some weeks may fly by, but during those emotionally tiring and stressful times Wednesday can be a pain; that little hump can turn into Mount Everest.

That being said, this Wednesday is dedicated to centering ourselves and remembering the things that allow us to live peacefully and emit an aura of positivity.  As the photo above suggests, taking time each morning to make a mental list and recognize the things that we are grateful for in life is a great way to do this.  Each day should be treated as a blank slate where we remember those things that make us feel as if we are already at the top of Everest.  This will allow us to begin the climb and take on anything that life may throw at us.  Once we feel at peace with ourselves we can properly spread peace throughout the world and begin helping others everyday!

Good Happens.

Pay it forward!


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